How does innovation affect the evocative capacity of the image and narrative of the cinema? Images, web documentaries, films and documentaries become vehicles for a timeless journey on the theme of #sentiment. Truth and fiction, love and war, civil passion and the fire of music, shown through cinematic and photographic narrative and the genius of artists and filmmakers, highlight our evolution and reveal the strength and dramatic nature of our reality.

Cinema Arsenale, 5-8 October


GameBox, a box full of games, is filled with #sentiment.
The gaming area at the Internet Festival is structured according to a new formula, with the first day dedicated to meetings and the other two entirely devoted to events and installations. Views, opinions and feelings are dealt with through the lens of gaming, starting with the concept of video games as industry, a cultural product, or art – much more than simply a commercial object. We take a closer look at them as an interactive medium with tremendous potential for expression and reflection on society, and a driver of innovation that is ideal for triggering change.

MixArt, 6-8 October


What is the value of the mathematical unknown quantity that describes the state of the art of economics today, in the era of digital society? Not just Industry 4.0, therefore, but an overview starting with new business models and future trends and taking a closer look at the situation in Italy and Tuscany, including new tools such as data analysis and sentiment analysis, new products and mapping some of the most interesting experiences of the new economy.

Chambers of Commerce, 6 e 8 October


The opportunities and experiences in the field of international cooperation offer interesting possibilities for growth and discussion in an international context. This one-day event is dedicated to anyone interested in the chance to work in the most disadvantaged parts of the world, establishing relationships based on reciprocal exchange, cooperation and solidarity.

Cinema Arsenale, 6 October


IF has always also been about music, theatre, dance and sports!
This year’s festival program is enriched with numerous events: from theatrical performances by I Sacchi di Sabbia, to the team races organised by 1063AD; the Webnotte event, to the exciting Argentine tango dancing, through to the multi-dimensional dialogue between logic, music and art of “Anelli, ghirlande e scale” (“Rings, garlands and stairways”).

Teatro Sant’Andrea, 5 October
Teatro Verdi, 6-8 October
Logge dei Banchi, 6 October


As in the past, IF2017 will once again be hosting a packed program of meetings with writers in collaboration with some of the bookshops in the city centre (Feltrinelli, Fogola, Ghibellina and Orsa minore) and some of the leading Italian publishing houses.
The Internet has taken an important role in the production and use of literature by privileging the themes linked to the Festival and the world of social networks and digital innovation in general including, for example, the debate over the creation and publication of contents. A BookTuber corner will be made available throughout the Festival for the public to promote their own idea of ​​literature and express their opinion of the books presented at IF2017.

Teatro Sant’Andrea, 6-8 October
Teatro Verdi, 8 October
Logge dei Banchi, 5-8 October BookTuber Corner


What does the future have in store for traditional media in a period of profound change in communications and information? A discussion with the directors of some of the leading national newspapers highlights experiences, projects and initiatives that are changing the world of information. The event will be rounded off with a reflection on the future of digital archives, the ethics of information and the role of the reader, as well as celebrating the 20th anniversary of Il Tirreno online.

Le Benedettine Congress Centre, 7 October
Scuola Normale Superiore, 8 October


The legal aspects relating to the creative industries, between laws, creative commons and piracy. Authorities, civil servants, legal experts and businessmen discuss how, in the age of information at your fingertips and easy playability, to preserve a moral and intellectual principle such as copyright using the new possibilities offered by technological innovation to evolve the legal terms of copyright.

Chambers of Commerce, 6-7 October


Techniques, opportunities and risks: the world of advertising is being completely revolutionised by digital innovation. “Real time bidding” and “programmatic advertising” are becoming increasingly popular techniques, while hidden advertising is invading both digital and traditional media.
Big data analysis, collected by exploring user navigation habits, will allow advertisers to select potential customers with increasing precision, sending them appropriately targeted advertising messages.

Teatro Verdi, 6 October


Emotions and feelings are online: linked and intermingled, one cannot exist without the other.
Online, we switch easily from joy to rage, or happiness to disgust. The internet is by definition the place of visceral hatreds, as well as fertile ground for great passions, civic engagement and humanitarian impulses. In this session we will take the pulse of the internet, linking physical and digital space, and we’ll be talking with our guests about the great passions that populate the network.

Le Benedettine Congress Centre, 7-8 October
Scuola Normale Superiore, 7 October


Knowledge, rather than money, seems to be the real asset capable of guaranteeing development and progress. “Knowledge sets the world price of a smartphone far more than the value of its material components.” IF2017 will be dedicating keynote speeches, meetings, discussions and jam sessions with different points of view on this theme: big companies, the dialogue between philosophy and technology, universities, top research centres and researchers.

Le Benedettine Congress Centre, 6-8 October


Food has always been one of the fundamental aspects of human life, ever since antiquity.
Today, nutrition has taken on a central importance within the discussions that populate the Internet, with us as consumers and users increasingly aware and interested in quality and the production chain of every single product we consume.
This year at the festival, we will be journeying from ancient seeds to the unbeatable pizza, talking about how the Internet and innovation can be an important tool for preserving, protecting and sharing food and traditions.

Le Benedettine Congress Centre, 7-8 October


How does the story of a place and the way it is promoted to tourists change in the digital era?
While physical distances become shorter, the new frontiers of narrative will push as far as the technology and creativity allow us. Storytelling, video storytelling, webdocs, webseries and technological platforms are just some of the ways in which we can share a place and turn it into a tourist destination. And while the new storytelling tools open new perspectives for sharing and reaching new targets, technology is an important strength, a real springboard for constructing and spreading the idea of innovative and sustainable tourism, promoting accessibility for all citizens, as a qualifying and competitive value for companies and territories.

Chambers of Commerce, 6-7 October


The Public Administration is facing increasingly complex and articulated challenges, in terms of both the efficiency of the services provided and the protection of citizens’ data, to offering easy access to connections and supporting companies.
Fully integrated within the three-year plan for the Digital Agenda promoted by AGID, the Tuscany Region offers a dialogue at European level to refine the strategies used according to the targets of the European digital agenda, compare positive case histories in terms of funding opportunities for businesses and youth policy, and to explore the future of technology in relation to connection to the Internet.

Scuola Normale Superiore, 6-7 October


A fine line separates the concept of information security from that of control and espionage.
States, independent hackers, cyber criminals, corporations and individuals all participate directly in a scenario where cyber-attacks, conducted by malware codes, are an increasingly powerful and sophisticated weapon and where the hostages have become files, emails, access codes and sensitive data. But who are the hackers and the possible victims, and what are the effects of these attacks? What strategies can we use to prevent them, who is responsible for controlling them and what are the effects and the implications of this control?

Scuola Normale Superiore, 6-7 October


Ever since our first edition, T-Tours (Tutorial Tours) have been one of the best features of the Internet Festival. They are the educational and training courses that take place over the four days of the event. T-Tours are designed to stimulate the curiosity to understand digital innovation and offer useful tools for orientation in the boundless world of the Internet and technology. They take you on a journey through innovation, to discover the possible shape of the future, dedicated to the digital revolution. They include activities aimed at every age group: from digital natives to the professionals of tomorrow, uncertain internet users to experts on the subject.
There will be numerous events aimed at primary and secondary school students, for whom T-Tours are an integral part of the educational activities proposed by the school. A range of formats will be used to allow participants to get actively involved: games, workshops, laboratories, tutorials, shows, installations and interactive conferences.

Le Benedettine Congress Centre, 5-8 October


Cinema Teatro Lux is “home” to, the Italian registry of domain names, within the Internet Festival: not just a stage from which to speak, but a living place of exchange and training for all those who do business thanks to the internet. Digital strategy, start-ups, email marketing, ecommerce, Facebook strategy and of course domain names and identity on the net: these are some of the topics that will be covered during the four days, including lectures, workshops, round tables and spectacular events such as the party to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Registro .it.

Cinema Teatro Lux, 5-8 October


The advent of social media and news reporting on a global scale have produced a new form of interpretation of reality and upset the balance of truth and credibility of what the Internet creates and disseminates. Internet Festival will address the theme of digital information through an investigation of fake news and fake images, the red herrings of the web, and the controversial phenomenon of post-truth, named “Word of the Year” by the Oxford Dictionary in 2016.
Fake news and post truth, however, have a profound impact on relations between citizens and institutions. IF2017 will be investigating whether digital democratic mechanisms are up to date, and asking whether the Internet is driving and redesigning the phenomenon of participation and the political and social dynamics of society. In the increasingly urgent attempt to understand which way the mood of the masses is swaying, surveys seek, with varying success, to capture the orientation of “social network” communities. The democratic debate includes news and information which are shared, shaping and changing opinions and influencing democratic expression in an entirely new way.

Cinema Arsenale, 5 October
Teatro Verdi, 7 October


There will be a particularly wide range of interactive installations and showcases for the 2017 edition of IF: the immersive environments of Emergency, optical viewers for augmented reality,
UV flashlights to find out what populates the dark web, music that you paint, the movement of visitors that becomes time, emotions that make the heart of the IF beat, immersive experiences for video game lovers and much more. Spectators will be an integral part of the works, along with the environment where the work is located. Spectators will also be the focus of the art installations in the IF remix project, involving artistic upcycling of non-usable but reusable materials from previous IF editions.

Logge dei Banchi, 5-8 October
Le Benedettine Congress Centre, 5-8 October
MixArt, 6-8 October