Four experts, four tools to be developed in order to build an effective digital marketing strategy: sentiment analysis, what the Internet is saying about you; getting your site and communication smartphone-friendly; email marketing, your love letter to your customer; Facebook, never to be attempted without instructions for use.

16:00-16:30 // KEYNOTE SPEECH

From listening to action: what can we hear and why do we talk about driver driver strategy?

Speaker: Matteo Flora

16:30-17:00 // KEYNOTE SPEECH

Preparing your company for mobile-only users

Speaker: Gianluca Diegoli

How to prepare your website, communication and online advertising for customers who are increasingly connected to their smartphones: a set of guidelines to get your company ready.


17:00-17:30 // KEYNOTE SPEECH

Harassment doesn’t pay: the who, what and when of successful email marketing

Speaker: Alessandra Farabegoli

When spam filters and automatic separation of “important” messages from service communications and advertising don’t succeed, email marketing if done badly can cause disinterest, or worse, irritation in your recipients. A short lesson in the ecology of email communication, for sustainable and useful newsletters over time.


17:30-18:00 // KEYNOTE SPEECH

Doing business on Facebook? First you have to do Business with Facebook!

Speaker: Enrico Marchetto

Facebook is a perfectly designed machine: easy to use on a personal level, but increasingly complex for corporate online marketing. Together we will look at which tools and strategies we should include in our tool kit (and how much they cost, of course).


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Piazza Santa Caterina, Pisa, PI, Italia
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