11:00-12:00 // BOOK PRESENTATION

Presenter: Claudia Vago
Speakers: Massimo Sideri, Umberto Ambrosoli

New network-based technologies are undermining social customs rooted in practice and in law. The Internet and social networks are getting us used to seeing our own and others’ privacy differently: on the one hand it reduces our desire to defend it, in favour of sharing our data in order to allow new socio-technological practices; on the other hand it has increased the need to better protect an asset that is likely to be trivialised more than users would wish. Understanding where the truth lies is not just a matter of personal integrity; it also involves the increasingly thorny theme of the credibility of journalists’ sources. Well aware of the stakes, the two authors discuss the benefits and the dangers inherent in this new era from a wide cultural perspective. With the hope of generating a useful and fundamental debate in a political process that takes account of the new rights and duties.


Teatro Sant’Andrea
Via del Cuore, Pisa, PI, Italia
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