19:00-20:00 // BOOK PRESENTATION

Presenter: Matteo Pelliti
Speaker: Roberto Emanuelli

When true love comes, you recognise it.
It overwhelms you, heart and mind, and by then it’s already too late: time, distance, the small and big storms of life – nothing can stop it. And it is impossible to forget. Leonardo, who felt it burn his skin and who still can’t get rid of the memories, knows. He has had many other women in his life since Angela left, but no one can take her place. Now, Leonardo looks for love in simple things: in the satisfied smiles of customers when he repairs their cars; in the music that he listens to in his vintage Duetto, or the evenings with his lifelong friends. And then there is Laura, his 17-year-old daughter, who is growing ever more beautiful, but also terribly distant. She is learning about love on the Internet, in the words of bloggers who know how to touch her heart in a way this taciturn father could never do. As they say, there must have been a reason her mother left. But what was it? And how can she find out? Fate will tell her the answer, at the end of a surprising journey, which will teach her the courage to love, and give Leonardo the strength to start loving again. Because even the smallest gesture of love is a miracle, but that miracle needs you to want it together.


Teatro Sant’Andrea
Via del Cuore, Pisa, PI, Italia
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