Presenter: Luciana Squadrilli

From a popular favourite to a gourmet “dish” capable of representing territorial and gastronomic heritage and bringing together ovens and kitchens, pizza – no longer just a Neapolitan food – has never been so praised by both public and critics, the protagonist of books, guides, competitions and events. Pizza owes this unexpected and remarkable success to the skill and commitment of pizzaioli – who are increasingly skilled artisans and brave entrepreneurs – as well as to the incredible sound box represented by social networks and the Internet in general, where pizzas and pizza-makers collect likes and comments like movie stars.
But there is also another face of the coin: controversy and perplexity, “copied” recipes and poorly managed rivalries, bad ingredients sold as specialities, naivety and gossip race through the internet at the speed of light, and can harm those who do not know how to handle these channels and leave many enthusiasts who just want to enjoy a good pizza with a bitter taste in their mouths.
We will be talking about it to: Luciana Squadrilli, co-author of La Buona Pizza and the blog Pizza On The Road; Emiliano De Venuti, founder and organiser of La Città della Pizza; Sabino Berardino, gourmet doctor and collaborator with Slow Food and the book Pizza. Una Grande Tradizione Italiana and Massimo Giovannini, patron-pizzaiolo at the Apogea in Pietrasanta.

The event will be followed by a demonstration and pizza tasting by Massimo Giovannini.


15:30-17:00 // PANEL

Pizza in the age of Internet

Presenter: Luciana Squadrilli
Speakers: Luciana Squadrilli, Massimo Giovannini, Sabino Berardino, Emiliano De Venuti, Graziano Monogrammi

17:30-18:30 // COOKING SHOW

Experiential event with master pizza makers

Speaker: Massimo Giovannini, Graziano Monogrammi

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Centro Congressi le Benedettine
Piazza San Paolo a Ripa D'Arno, Pisa, PI, Italia
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