Presenter: Paolo Chiappini

How does the story of a place and the way it is promoted to tourists change in the digital era? While physical distances become shorter, the new frontiers of narrative will push as far as the technology and creativity allow us. Storytelling, video storytelling, webdocs, webseries, tools and technological platforms: these are just some of the ways to live and share a place, activate participation in the community and turn it into an attractive and enjoyable tourist destination.


15:00-15:25 // PRESENTATION

The new frontiers of storytelling, Introduction to the new approaches to diffused storytelling

Presenter: Paolo Chiappini

Talks will be alternated with tales from Toscana Ovunque Bella


15:25-15:50 // KEYNOTE SPEECH

Visit Tuscany: the new tourist portal of the Tuscany Region

Speaker: Costanza Giovannini


15:50-16:20 // KEYNOTE SPEECH

Web documentaries and the new virtual narrations

Speaker: Roberto Malfagia


16:20-16:50 // KEYNOTE SPEECH

Detours, walking cinema: new narrative guides for urban tours

Speaker: Filippo Macelloni


16:50-17:20 // KEYNOTE SPEECH

The webseries and new ways to promote territories

Speaker: Francesca Detti


17:20-17:40 // KEYNOTE SPEECH

EMMA: a new tool for storytellers

Speaker: Alexandru Stan

Marketing and communication professionals are constantly looking for new ways to innovate through better use of technologies to support creative processes in developing customised and engaging content for creating meaningful connections to customers. Traditional formats lose effectiveness, hence a new approach is required to exploit technological capabilities and to create new, personalized, emotional and enriched experiences.

It is well understood that it is stories to which customers relate and which are memorable that will ultimately drive the positive outcomes of the costly marketing campaigns and strategies. The continuously evolving digital landscape offers both challenges and opportunities for creating more compelling stories. The digital stories of today are multi-format and multi-platform, are easy to share, immersive and interactive and popping up in very different scenarios, from advertising and digital signage to edutainment and entertainment. Creating good digital stories is however challenging and time consuming. As with all crafts the final outcome is dependent on both the skill of the creator and also the tools used in the process.

The talk will focus on these tools for digital storytelling, highlighting the recent developments coming from the EC-funded project EMMA (https://emma.in-two.com/) which makes available to event organisers and touristic destinations a comprehensive set of tools to manage their digital image and promote their brand.


17:40-18:00 // PANEL

Conclusions and Q&A


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