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A journey through time, from North to South, through the words of the children, adults, grandparents and great-grandparents of Italy. An exhibition made of people. Faces, meetings and stories surround the spectator, transporting them into a labyrinth of mirrors where they can find themselves, look at themselves and get lost again. 6 cities, 30 families, 200 interviews go to make up a large mosaic of the way Italy is changing, starting with 10 keywords: from love to work, from fears to dreams, from God to the Internet, from frontiers to the future, from happiness to daily life. Because, in the words of the song by Lucio Dalla, “the real exception, listen carefully, is to be normal”.

Produzione: Festival delle Generazioni
Promotori: FNP-Cisl in collaborazione con Anteas
Realizzazione: Nanof e Acquario della Memoria
Un progetto a cura di: Lorenzo Garzella, Filippo Macelloni


Centro Congressi le Benedettine
Piazza San Paolo a Ripa D'Arno, Pisa, PI, Italia
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