Claudia Simonelli

Claudia Simonelli is an Industrial Designer.

She was born in Lucca in 1994 and graduated at ISIA Firenze, a Design Institute in Florence in February 2017.
During the last few years, she has worked in Fab Lab Toscana designing products and crafting training programs for young makers and students. The work in the Fab Lab, allowed her order to improve her skills in digital fabrication and design her BA thesis project.
She is also interested in Art and Photography. Her projects in these fields include a public sculpture “Panta Rei” at Cantiere Giovani of Lucca and a personal photo exhibition at Ganzo (Florence) in April 2015 called “Non Places”.
In 2016 she started working with Fiore Basile organizing the Festival of Creativity and Innovation “W.A.O! We Are Open Festival” in Pisa, Italy. Other joint projects include Smile Power”, an interactive installation for Olafur Eliasson’s Why To Make Almost Anything class and the organization of Made in a Fab Lab Workshop around the world.
She is co-founder of Fabctory – recipes for innovation, a spin-off of Fab Lab Toscana which focuses on training, setting labs, co-design and prototyping for companies.