Elisabetta Demartis

Elisabetta Demartis works as ICT Policy Expert at FAO in Senegal within the Agricultural Services and Digital Inclusion in Africa’s project, which aims to promote digital inclusion and access to information for rural women and farmers. She got a Master degree in Development, Environment and Cooperation at the Faculty of Economics and Statistics in Turin (Italy) and is specialized in digital communication and ICT solution development for agriculture. Since 2012 she develops projects and initiatives in partnership with Universities, research centers and organizations on the use of ICT for development and agriculture. In 2015 she launched Agritools, a research journalism project on the use of ICT in agriculture in Africa and youth startups funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that aims to give voice to local innovative projects and inspire other youth in Africa and worldwide; in 2016 she coordinated the Innovation Factory Programme of the GIZ in Senegal in partnership with the Italian Ngo LVIA, with the launch of Yeesal Agri Hub, the first Agri tech Hub in Senegal which aims to sensitize youth to social entrepreneurship in sustainable agriculture and create job opportunities through the development of digital solutions addressed to young people.