The “world of computers” aims to explain to primary school pupils what computers, which have become essential electronic tools that we use every day, are and how they work. By answering the question “What is a computer?”, and using educational activities (such as binary numbers) and role-play games, the children will discover how computers work and how they have become a tool of for every day and the future.

The session will alternate teaching, using slides, with educational games. The children will have an active part in comparing and sharing their experiences at home, with friends and at school. The activities are all done with the help and presence of students from the iXem Labs Laboratory of Turin Polytechnic University, working together with the volunteers from the association, as happens in schools during the teaching period. The activity will end with an open debate where the children themselves will get to describe their expectations for the future.

Date and times

  • Thursday 5 October:  09:00-10:30; 11:00-12:30; 14:30-16:00
  • Friday 6 October:  09:00-10:30; 11:00-12:30; 14:30-16:00
  • Saturday 7 October: 09:00-10:30; 11:00-12:30; 14:30-16:00; 16:30-18:00
  • Sunday 8 October: 11:00-12:30; 14:30-16:00; 16:30-18:00

The event is free and freely accessible until exhaustion. Booking is compulsory for schools and large groups and recommended for individual visitors. Before making group bookings, please contact our staff to agree on the most appropriate teaching path.

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