A Restart Party is a sort of “repair party”, an event that anyone can bring their broken objects to (preferably electric/electronic) and find tutors available to try and repair them. Electric and electronic objects are best, but you can usually find some sort of fix for more or less anything. Repairs are carried out, whenever possible, by the same person who brought the object; the role of the mentors is to help understand the problem and find a solution, as well as ensuring safety. The purpose of a Restart Party is to understand that everything can be repaired, and often it’s also fun. These events are not in competition with the work of professional repairers: instead, stimulating awareness about the possibility of repairing broken objects can also be an opportunity to help those who repair it by profession.

Date and times

  • Saturday 7 October:  15:00-18:00

The event is free and freely accessible until exhaustion. Booking is compulsory for schools and large groups and recommended for individual visitors. Before making group bookings, please contact our staff to agree on the most appropriate teaching path.

Book your event

For info and assistance on reservations: +39 347 8336183 or ttour@internetfestival.it.


Centro Congressi le Benedettine
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