With the power and impact it has on individuals and groups, and the ability to generate and manipulate strong and different emotions, gaming can be a powerful educational tool! We will explore these aspects together and learn to use the “hero’s journey” as interpretive frame.
Videogaming involves millions of people (and euros!) in the world, yet it still struggles to be considered a “serious” form of expression, let alone a tool to be used in the fields of education and training, from schools to virtual reality experiences. Using the theoretical framework of the hero’s journey (found in the narrative scheme of all myths and legends in every culture, and identified by Joseph Campbell) and various theoretical analyses of the functioning and success of gaming, this lab will give you a glimpse of how videogames are extraordinary resources to get emotional reactions, to generate socialisation, and to stimulate reflection and learning; it will then give examples of what could be the right attitude on the part of educators, teachers and parents to stimulate positive uses of this tool.

Date and times

  • Sunday 8 October: 16:00-18:00
  • Saturday 7 October:  11:00-13:00

The event is free and freely accessible until exhaustion. Booking is compulsory for schools and large groups and recommended for individual visitors. Before making group bookings, please contact our staff to agree on the most appropriate teaching path.

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