Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun 09:00-18:00 // INSTALLATION

An installation that prompts you to take a deep look at yourself and at the Internet. It is like a micro (or macro?) cosmos where different synergies and feelings are created. An osmotic creature that moves in every direction, wrapping and surrounding everything and everyone with its tentacles. A parallel reality that distracts you from what is real, transforming our super-ego into a super hero, altering and destabilising our relationship with everything around us.

But how much of the online world is catapulted into the real world? Which digital “self” is real? How sincere are we really? And does “be yourself” really mean the same thing now, or can we reply “which self do you mean?”


Note: during installation, the artist will exhibit her paper jewels.


Logge dei Banchi
Logge Dei Banchi, Via di Banchi, Pisa, PI, Italia
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