19:00-20:00 // BOOK PRESENTATION

Presenter: Barbara Sgarzi
Speaker: Stella Pulpo

90s fashion, summer concert hits, ex-boyfriends. We all have things in the past that we would rather forget. What if they came back? Nina is thirty, with curly hair and an autoimmune love in her soul, “which she will survive, but will never heal”. Like so many young singles, she deals with the sentimental jungle of Milan by notching up more or less successful Tinder dates, but the memory of her ex still hurts. It doesn’t matter how many miles apart they are, or how many times they have said goodbye: their story seems impossible to erase. Until one day, he forgets everything – or almost – after an overdose of LUV, a powerful hallucinogenic that gives the illusion of travelling in time. Now Nina’s ex is convinced that he is living in the late 90s: he doesn’t know what Facebook and WhatsApp are, he communicates by texting and calling, and above all, he thinks they are still together. When Nina returns to Puglia for the summer, she finds red roses, letters and music compilations waiting for her. She is forced to wonder: how many times can you love the same wrong person? How many times should you try, before giving up on a relationship? When is a last chance really the last? An unusual, brilliant “revival” novel that describes love before dating apps, when technology was imperfect and love seemed so much easier.


Teatro Sant’Andrea
Via del Cuore, Pisa, PI, Italia
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