Presenter: Mario Tedeschini Lalli

The aim of this session is to explore the relationship between research, philosophy and innovation, with the help of prominent representatives of some of the world’s largest commercial and academic players. Through the encounter and dialogue between philosophy and technology, humanities and natural sciences, we will be able to understand how knowledge, more than any other aspect, is the basis on which scientific, technological and social progress and development will be based in years to come.


11:00-12:00 // KEYNOTE SPEECH
Machine Learning: from science to users

Speaker: Prabhakar Raghavan

Machine learning is a technique in computer science that now touches billions of users every day: whether in songs recommended by a music service, spam email that is blocked from your inbox, translation between languages, or automotive safety. In this talk we focus not on the underlying science, but on the process of taking this science into the hands of everyday users. This process is more of an art and entails thoughtful consideration of users’ expectations and the challenges that result. We will illustrate this experience with several examples of this process in various Google products.


12:00-13:30 // PANEL
Philosophy and technology: the two faces of knowledge

Speakers: Miguel Benasayag, Antonio Bicchi


Centro Congressi le Benedettine
Piazza San Paolo a Ripa D'Arno, Pisa, PI, Italia
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