Presenter: Cora Francesca Sollo

Have you ever wondered how the Internet makes us happier? In this session we will explore the relationship between happiness and the Internet, looking at the latest Digital Social Innovation initiatives that unite people, technology and social challenges, and take an in-depth look at the way we live and share experiences, analysing the phenomenon of selfies and their publication on social channels.

15:30-16:00 // KEYNOTE SPEECH

The phenomenon of selfies and sharing them on Instagram

Speaker: Maurizio Tesconi


16:00-16:30 // KEYNOTE SPEECH

Creating Digital Happiness

Speaker: Anna Akbari

Our lives are increasingly mediated – but are we happier? What does it mean to be happy in a digital world? Is technology taking over our lives? This talk explores the positive potential of a mediated life and offers concrete tactics to not only reclaim your life, but to use technology to flourish and thrive.


16:30-17:00 // KEYNOTE SPEECH

Digital Social Innovation in Europe

Speaker: Matt Stokes


17:00-17:30 // KEYNOTE SPEECH

The Web as a tool to promote social and civil battles

Speaker: Rosy Battaglia


17:30-18:00 // PANEL

Final round table

Speakers: Anna Akbari, Matt Stokes, Rosy Battaglia


Centro Congressi le Benedettine
Piazza San Paolo a Ripa D'Arno, Pisa, PI, Italia
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