Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun 09:00-18:00 // INSTALLATION

The installation simulates being inside a simple Emergency hospital.
The experience begins in the war zone, showing the moment when the patient arrives in hospital. It continues by showing Emergency’s real work, i.e. the operating room and the post-op care, the doctors’ meetings, how the hospital is organised, and the day-to-day life as it happens. Lastly, you arrive in the Peace/healing area, which represents the healing of the patient and the idea of ​​beauty that is a feature of Emergency hospitals and their gardens. The final part is dedicated to the utopia of the abolition of the war, with the goal of preventing what happened to the patients (and was experienced by the visitor) from ever happening to another human being again.


Logge dei Banchi
Logge Dei Banchi, Via di Banchi, Pisa, PI, Italia
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