Autore Chocolate

Autore’s products come from an old tradition of handcrafted chocolate. Using selected ingredients we make traditional specialties from our region, following the methods that are the same of long time ago. Beside that we create new recipes, rich in freshness and originality. All the products are rigorously hand made and our chocolatiers work in San Marco dei Cavoti, a picturesque village that is about one hour driving from Naples. In this little place on the Campania hills for more than a century people dedicated themselves to the making of chocolate products.

Antonio started his business along with his mother. After overcoming the usual entrepreneur difficulties, he had to invest and expand in a larger work-place and a bigger team-work. “The Artisans of Delights” come from years of experience from traditional confectionery of San Marco dei Cavoti. AutoreChocolate is an authentic growing local business where quality and details curation are the main focus.