16:00-18:00 // PANEL

Presenter: Giampaolo Colletti
Speakers: Sonia Peronaci, Francesca Barbieri, Andrea Di Caro, Luca Dini, Dirk Pinamonti, Luigi Galimberti

It seems like only yesterday, but thirty years have already gone past: in December 1987 the CNR of Pisa was appointed by IANA to manage the register of domain names ending in .it. Since then, more than three million businesses and individuals have registered their name in Italy, including pioneering brands such as Enel, Ferrari, La Rinascente, Buffetti and Acqua di Parma, who opened their sites and began their digital history in in the late 80s and early 90s. To celebrate this important anniversary, on Saturday 8 October Internet Festival will be holding an event that will bring together all those who, from the outset, believed in domain names as an added value for business. Organised by Registro.it in collaboration with StartupItalia!, the event will provide an opportunity to meet the managers of companies that have chosen .it and to hear about their experiences. What’s more, we will be hearing from those who over the past 30 years have chosen to characterise it their online identity, millennials and more.



Cinema Teatro Lux
Piazza Santa Caterina, Pisa, PI, Italia
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